$20.00 USD

Be the person that totes their single joint or vape in this chic AF Carry Case. Your goods will be kept clean and the inside of your bag will thank you. This bad boy is also waterproof, air tight (i.e. can’t be sniffed out) and keeps your cannabis fresh. In soft brushed gold she’s a real head turner.

Pro tip: you can attach to your keychain for easy access, making it the perfect on-the-go companion... travel, festival, pre/post exercise, name it, you need it! One of those do-not-leave-home-without items.

Do I really need to carry a joint with me?

I mean - it’s up to you babe - but our answer is always yes!

What fits inside?

Most joints and vape pens. See dimensions to be exact.

Will life post carry-case be anything like life pre carry-case?

We can say with certainty, no